Subsidence - sinking of the ground because of underground material movement—is most often caused by the removal of water, oil, natural gas, or mineral resources out of the ground by pumping, fracking, or mining activities Noun. 1. subsidence - an abatement in intensity or degree (as in the manifestations of a disease); his cancer is in remission. remission, remittal. abatement, hiatus, reprieve, respite, suspension - an interruption in the intensity or amount of something subsidence definition: 1. the process by which land or buildings sink to a lower level: 2. the process by which land or. Learn more

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Subsidence is a problem everywhere. Subsidence is a global problem and, in the United States, more than 17,000 square miles in 45 States, an area roughly the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined, have been directly affected by subsidence land subsidence: Landsenkung {f} mining mining subsidence: Bergsenkung {f} mining subsidence area: Senkungsgebiet {n} mining subsidence break: Abbauriss {m} mining subsidence crack: Senkungsriss {m} constr. RealEst. subsidence damage: Senkungsschaden {m} mining subsidence damage {sg} [caused by coal mining] Bergschäden {pl}, verursacht durch. How to spot subsidence. Ground engineering specialists Mainmark have outlined five key subsidence warning signs to watch out for: 1. Sinking or sloping floors: this can indicate that the ground beneath your home is collapsing and urgent attention is required. A dropped floor level can be a cause for concern. Image: iamskyline / Shutterstock. 2 Subsidence, sinking of the Earth's surface in response to geologic or man-induced causes. When subsidence occurs in great belts, providing troughs for the accumulation of sediments, the resulting features are termed geosynclines; nonlinear subsidence produces basins and irregular depressions

Land subsidence is a gradual settling or sudden sinking of the Earth's surface due to removal or displacement of subsurface earth materials. The principal causes include: aquifer-system compaction associated with groundwater withdrawal Subsidence occurs when the foundation of your house collapses or sinks. This is often caused by: Soil, usually clay, shrinking and swelling because of the weather. Nearby trees and shrubs absorbing the moisture in the soil beneath your home. Leaking drains softening the ground under your home Subsidence is the movement of ground, block or slope. It is caused by readjustment of overburden due to collapse and failure of underground operating mine excavation (Fig. 10.10), unfilled and unsupported abandoned stopes and excessive water withdrawal. It can be natural or manmade. Surface subsidence is common over shallow underground. Subsidence is defined as a decline in the elevation of the land surface. In parts of California and south-central Arizona, subsidence of land damages buildings, pipelines, canals, highways, and other facilities. Subsidence results from the force of gravity operating with the lowering of the water level or the potentiometric surface of water in. subsidence pronunciation. How to say subsidence. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more

Subsidence definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now Subsidence is commonly associated with the lowering of the earth's surface due to actions that have occurred below the surface. Sometimes this is a natural phenomenon, such as the solubilizing and removal of minerals by water. When the underground support system is removed in the process, the surface of the land sinks to a new level.. Subsidence definition: When there is subsidence in a place, the ground there sinks to a lower level. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Subsidence can occur when the ground below the house shrinks or swells due to the weather - during wet weather the ground expands due to the moisture but then contracts during the dry summer months. So, as much as we may crave a long hot summer, it's certainly not ideal for homes built on clay

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subsidence, lowering of a portion of the earth's crust. The subsidence of land areas over time has resulted in submergence by shallow seas (see oceans ocean, interconnected mass of saltwater covering 70.78% of the surface of the earth, often called the world ocean Subsidence v meteorologii označuje pomalé sestupné (sesedavé) pohyby velkých objemů vzduchu o rychlostech řádově 0,01 m/s. Jsou vázány především na oblasti vyššího tlaku (anticyklóny, hřebeny). Působí oteplování sesedajících vzduchových vrstev, které se projevuje rozpouštěním oblačnosti, někdy vznikem výškových teplotních inverzí (tzv. subsidenčních)

Subsidence. Subsidence is a lowering or collapse of the ground. It can be triggered by: artificial disturbance; a change in drainage patterns; heavy rain ; water abstraction ; Subsidence has the potential to cause engineering problems such as damage to foundations, buildings and infrastructure 'subsidence damage' 'The early Cretaceous is characterized by relative quiescence and thermal subsidence following late Jurassic rifting.' 'Removal of water from compressible materials such as silt and clay can lead to compaction of the confining unit and subsidence of the land surface. If subsidence isn't addressed in the long term then there is a risk of serious structural damage and even collapse. As is often the case, the cost of preventing this kind of damage will probably be lower than the cost of repairing it. Higher insurance premiums For subsidence to develop, particularly from an insurance point of view, an 'event' or 'change in conditions' must occur to affect the supporting soils ability to sustain the loads from the building. This will normally occur in older buildings due to many different factors. See 'What causes subsidence?' for further details Subsidence can be managed by underpinning - a highly specialised method which strengthens below ground level to solidify foundations of a building. Underpinning can be performed on current or previously existing subsidence in order to prevent further movement.Although it can be a lengthy and costly process, it will secure the building in position by digging holes beneath the existing.

Subsidence also can result from human activity. Groundwater and hydrocarbon extraction can cause compaction of sediments. Subsidence related to groundwater withdrawal can be especially pronounced in river deltas with large populations and extensive agriculture The process of becoming less active or severe. 1754, William Warburton, Sermon preached before the King, at Kensington, October 27, 1754 The subdual or subsidence of the more violent passions.· (geology) A sinking of something to a lower level, especially of part of the surface of the Earth due to underground excavation or seismic activity or. Subsidence is the downward shift in the ground surface that can be caused by a variety of processes, both natural and human-related. Generally, subsidence is neither a sudden nor a drastic shift.

Subsidence of buildings - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Subsidence occurs when the soil beneath a building is unstable and sinks downward. This is not the same as 'settlement', which is caused by the weight of the building, but it can still have a negative impact in terms of the overall structural stability Subsidence can surely be defined in different ways, however thankfully the majority of the insurance industry and professionals supporting and guiding the insurance industry have aligned to a view expressed by the Financial Ombudsman Service: Subsidence is the downward movement of the site on which a building stands - where th Check your home for; likelihood of flood and subsidence; crime rates; likelihood of arson attack Other articles where Darwinian subsidence theory is discussed: coral reef: Origin and development of reefs: naturalist Charles Darwin concluded in 1842 that barrier reefs began as reefs fringing the land around which they now form a barrier and that oceanic atoll reefs began as reefs fringing a volcanic island. Subsidence of the land fringed was thought to allow the reef to grow upwar

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subsidence n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (sinking of the ground) subsidenza nf sostantivo femminile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere femminile: scrittrice, aquila, lampada, moneta, felicità : The recent flooding has resulted in subsidence throughout the neighborhood Subsidence is caused when a building's foundations sink because the soil is unstable. Contributory factors are clay soil, vegetation that draws water from the soil, and leaking drains. 'Heave', on the other hand, is when the ground swells because of increased moisture, causing the foundations to rise Subsidence can cause floors to drop which can be quite easy to identify. Examining the skirting boards around the floor or uneven surfaces and looking for gaps can be a tell-tale sign of subsidence. Other ways to identify potential subsidence signs could be cracks that appear around doors and windows The Cost of Subsidence. Ground and land subsidence is a potentially catastrophic problem for your home or business. From visual issues to more serious safety and financial implications, the problems caused by subsidence are wide-ranging. It is a problem that needs to be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Aesthetic Impac and subsidence can prove costly, both for production and surface facilities. Venice, the Italian city known for the romance of its canals, is slowly sinking into its surrounding lagoon, mostly due to natural causes. This is an improvement over the recent past: for severa

The Fort Bend Subsidence District was created by the Texas Legislature in 1989 as a conservation and reclamation district (Act of May 26, 1989, 71st Leg., R.S., ch. 1045, 1989 Tex. Gen. Laws 4251).The District's purpose is to prevent subsidence, which contributes to or precipitates flooding or overflow in the district, including rising water resulting from a storm or hurricane Subsidence, where it relates to building structures, is often misunderstood. A typical insurance definition of subsidence is - The downward movement of the ground upon which the building is founded for reasons unconnected to the loading of the ground from the building Subsidence insurance is a type of property insurance that pays out if the land underneath a building subsides, or collapses. When houses are built above or near an abandoned mine, the mine support structure may collapse, destroying houses on top of the mine Subsidence is the vertical, downward movement of a building foundation; caused by a loss of support of the ground beneath the foundations. Subsidence results in cracking and can cause significant property damage

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Subsidence might be your first fear when cracks mysteriously appear from nowhere. And while you will know that living with wonky walls and the occasional sticking door is part of the 'old house experience', unexplained or sudden structural movement gives you right to be concerned Subsidence. Bologna, Italy. Italian record label based in Bologna, focused on electronic music, experimental, techno, noise and ambient sound Subsidence is one of the major environmental issues related to underground mining industry. This presentation gives an insight to causes, nature, effect of subsidence and some mitigation measures Land subsidence can occur naturally or through human activity. Natural subsidence may occur when limestone, which is easily carved by underground water, collapses, leaving sink holes on the surface, such as in Florida. Earthquakes can also cause subsidence of the land because of the movement of faults fault subsidence - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: subsidence n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.: literal (sinking of the ground): subsidencia nf nombre femenino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente femenino, que lleva los artículos la o una en singular, y las o unas en plural..

Subsidence — a sinking of filled, graded, or undermined earth or soil to its original or natural elevation. Faulty site preparation can result in subsidence claims against contractors, and such claims are often the subject of subsidence exclusions If subsidence is present in your home, be ready for a potentially quite long wait. What happens in the treatment stage? There are just a few main areas of treatment: Pipework treatment happens if the pipes beneath the property are the reason why subsidence is occurring. They may have leaked or even burst and this causes soil to wash away

Subsidence Subsidence is the sinking or gradual lowering of the earth's surface. It is found worldwide in a variety of environments on land and the seafloor. Subsidence can result from either natural geologic and/or man-made causes. Natural geologic causes are basin-downwarp, fault movement, sediment compaction Subsidence, caused by growing populations and increased extraction of underground water, oil and gas, is a problem in cities globally. Tehran sinking as water sucked out A planning application submitted by the council said the ground at the condemned block had been suffering historic subsidence since the early 1970s, just after construction.

  1. Trusted Subsidence Here is a selection of reliable Subsidence located across the United Kingdom. If you're looking for local Subsidence near to you, please enter your location into the form field above to refine your search
  2. Subsistence definition is - real being : existence. How to use subsistence in a sentence
  3. e workings is generally localised and typically only affects a single property. Signs of
  4. The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District (HGSD) is the premier water management and subsidence authority in the Upper Gulf Coast Aquifer in Texas. HGSD plays an integral role in regional water management strategies to ensure the long-term viability of all water resources while protecting lives and property within the HGSD boundaries from the.
  5. Land subsidence synonyms, Land subsidence pronunciation, Land subsidence translation, English dictionary definition of Land subsidence. intr.v. sub·sid·ed , sub·sid·ing , sub·sides 1. a. To become less intense, active, or severe; abate
  6. Where are the main subsidence hotspots in the UK? Subsidence is a relatively common problem across the UK, due to the clay-heavy soil types we have in areas of England and Wales. However, certain areas are more at risk than others

Subsidence can occur due to dramatic vibrations in the ground. Vibrations from a nearby construction site, a main road where heavy vehicles travel all day or nearby train lines with heavy train carriages running at high speed aerate and destabilise the ground. A nearby airport with planes taking off and landing all day can also cause subsidence Subsidence damage to your property is usually included in your buildings insurance, but this normally only covers subsidence damage to the house itself. Patios, garden walls and driveways aren't usually covered if they've been damaged, unless the main structure of your home has been damaged at the same time by the same cause

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  1. Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground supporting the building. Particular problems arise when the movement varies from one part of the building to another. The causes of subsidence. Clay soils Clay soils are particularly vulnerable to subsidence, as they shrink and swell depending on their moisture content
  2. Both subsidence and seismicity are likely linked by their common origin of reservoir compaction. Adaptation to this primary subsidence, by changing and compartmentalizing the ground water table, causes a secondary subsidence signal, strongly dependent on soils and the shallow subsurface
  3. Tree roots removing moisture from the soil is the most common reason for subsidence in properties. Evidence of subsidence. There are many visible signs, on both the inside and outside of a property, which suggest the existence of subsidence. The usual indications of subsidence are: Cracks in the walls, ceilings and outside brickwor

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  1. g less active or severe. 1754, William Warburton, Sermon preached before the King, at Kensington, October 27, 1754 The subdual or subsidence of the more violent passions
  2. Subsidence home insurance is a policy that protects you against the cost of repairs you'll have to make if your home experiences subsidence. Do I need subsidence home insurance? If your home is at risk of subsidence, then an appropriate policy can save you a lot in repair costs - for example, underpinning your home can cost as much as £15,000
  3. • Sadly, however, subsidence of the building means that the sundial is no longer accurate. • Voice over Thamesdown Borough Councillors have been told that expenditure to tackle the problem of subsidence is virtually inescapable. • The volume of sediment that accumulates in a basin depends on the rates of subsidence, sediment supply and.
  4. g less active or severe. As a verb uplift is to raise something or someone to a higher physical, social, moral, intellectual, spiritual or emotional level

Heave is a separate problem which is often covered under the same insurance guidelines as subsidence. Heave has the opposite effect to subsidence. It happens when the ground beneath a building becomes saturated with water and begins to swell, moving upwards and often sideways. This can have similar symptoms, and cause similar damage to subsidence Planned Coal Mine Subsidence in Illinois: A Public Information Booklet The Proximity of Underground Mines to Urban and Developed Lands in Illinois Circular 575 (2009) provides maps and statistics per county on the proximity of both coal and non-coal underground-mined areas to urban development, and is an update of Treworgy and Hindman's 1991 study Przykłady użycia - subsidence po polsku. Poniższe tłumaczenia pochodzą z zewnętrznych źródeł i mogą być niedokładne. bab.la nie jest odpowiedzialne za ich brzmienie Subsidence is the sinking or settling of the ground surface. It can occur by a number of processes. Ground subsidence may result from the settlement of native low density soils, or the caving in of natural or man-made underground voids. Subsidence may occur gradually over many years as sags or depressions form on the ground surface

The houses in this area are liable to subsidence. The buildings were insured against fire, subsidence and earthquakes. The roots of the trees are causing subsidence damage to the building. The road was closed because of subsidence. A number of houses had suffered from subsidence. Topics Buildings c What Is Subsidence? Subsidence can be a homeowner's worst nightmare as it can be a serious problem for your property. Subsidence is the sinking of the ground beneath your home, subsequently causing your home's foundations to collapse and sink too, as its support, structure, and stability is weakened.. Causes Of Subsidence Slow subsidence occurs when the water within the sediment is slowly squeezed out because of overlying weight. There are several examples of slow subsidence, but the best one is Venice, Italy. Venice (image on the right) was built at sea level on the now submerged delta of the Brenta River

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Coastal subsidence, which can be described as the downward displacement of the land relative to sea level, often occurs in deltaic regions associated with riverine and estuarine sedimentation. These regions are commonly sites of thick deposits of Tertiary, Pleistocene, and Holocene sediments, exceeding 12,000 m in the Mississippi River delta. Fig. Subsidence from total extraction (long wall) mining of ahorizontal coal seam under a level landscape 4 5. Mine subsidence can be defined as movement of the ground surface as a result ofreadjustments of the overburden due to collapse or failure of underground mineworkings Find out whether subsidence is a common problem in the immediate area and whether your property is built on clay soil. These two factors alone will be a good starting point for assessing your risk of subsidence. Distribution of shrink/swell soil. Clay soil characteristics vary greatly; not only between regions but on a single site Subsidence Insurance Claims . Due to our considerable experience of subsidence investigation, we regularly advise insurers, insurers appointed loss adjusters, and the insured regarding technical and engineering aspects of building damage and subsidence claims

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THE body responsible for Northwich's waterways has ruled out subsidence or adverse ground conditions as the cause for major disruption in Rudheath. The navigation and towpath between bridges 184 and 185 of the Trent and Mersey Canal have been closed over the past month after a hole appeared in the. Vertical cracks can indicate that one or both ends of the foundations of the building are dropping (subsidence) or that the middle of the wall is rising (heave). If the wall is a retaining wall a vertical crack may also indicate the wall is failing perhaps due to excessive weight or pressure directly behind, or close to, the crack Subsidence can be caused by a variety of factors including: Soil type - Clay soils in particular are vulnerable because they shrink, crack and shift during hot, dry weather depending on their water content Synonyms for subsidence in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for subsidence. 15 synonyms for subsidence: sinking, settling, collapse, settlement, abatement, ebb, letup. Subsidence is defined as the downward movement or sinking of a property. It is essential to consider the possible subsidence risks when buying a property as it can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and can affect any property across the country

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subsidence definition: Noun (countable and uncountable, plural subsidences) 1. The process of becoming less active or severe 2. A sinking of something to a lower level, especially of part of the surface of the Earth due to underground excavation or seis.. e is among the cage-related complications after TLIF and may lead to poor outcomes. Few studies have addressed the incidence of cage subsidence in MI-TLIF. Methods. This retrospective study of a prospectively collected database was conducted from October 2015 to October 2017. All patients received MI-TLIF with a minimum of 2-year follow-up. All levels were separated into the cage subsidence. Subsidence is the downwards movement of the ground beneath the foundations of a building. This loss of support causes subsequent damage to the property. There are many evident signs of subsidence in a property, most notably cracks in the walls, ceilings or masonry and the expansion of existing cracks subsidence, tilt and strain are slightly greater than the survey accuracy limits, which are considered to be predominantly the result of residual subsidence following the completion of Longwall 18. The incremental and additional subsidence, tilt and strain along the D Line resultin

Global Risks and Research Priorities for CoastalAZGS | Geosciences serving Arizona since 1887Venezia, la corruzione dietro il MOSE - YouTubePeat Destruction, Soil Subsidence and Flooding in SouthPLANAT National Platform for Natural Hazards InformationTexas RRC - Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Projects GalleryMining Engineering – Agapito Associates, Inc

Land subsidence is the gradually sinking of the soil. It can negatively impact thousands of people and a country's landscape. Find out what land subsidence is and why everyone should be worried about it subsidence. subsidence: translation. sub|si|dence [ səb`saıdns, `sʌbsıdns ] noun uncount. the process by which land sinks to a lower level. a. the process by which a building becomes damaged because the land it is on has sunk. Usage of the words and phrases in modern English.. a fast, intuitive online digital reporting platform to provide all the key information needed to identify if there is genuine subsidence damage; virtual soils reporting where the profile of the soil type is known without the necessity to dig trial pits and boreholes

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