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Cast. Tony Soprano James Gandolfini. Carmela Soprano Edie Falco. Dr. Jennifer Melfi Lorraine Bracco. Christopher Moltisanti Michael Imperioli. Corrado Junior Soprano Dominic Chianese. Silvio Dante Steven Van Zandt. Paulie Walnuts Tony Sirico. Meadow Soprano Jamie-Lynn Sigler Joseph Siravo (The Sopranos), Jon Bernthal (The Many Saints of Newark) as Giovanni Johnny Boy Soprano: he is Tony Soprano's deceased father, the former captain of the Soprano crew. He was the son of Corrado Soprano Sr. and Mariangela D'Agostino from Ariano in the Province of Avellino who immigrated to the United States in 1911; he was a. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Meadow Soprano 96 Episodes (1999-2016) James Gandolfini Anthony Soprano 95 Episodes (1999-2016) John Ventimiglia Artie Bucco 91 Episodes (1999-2016) Vincent Curatola Johnny..

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The Sopranos features a large cast of characters, many of whom get significant amounts of character development. Some only appear in certain seasons, while others appear (sporadically or constantly) throughout the entire series. All characters were created by David Chase unless otherwise noted Cast. Series cast summary: James Gandolfini. Tony Soprano 86 episodes, 1999-2007. Edie Falco. Carmela Soprano 86 episodes, 1999-2007 The latter series proved so popular they were made into a TV movie featuring a number of Sopranos alumni, including James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, and Tony Sirico The Sopranos creator David Chase accidentally spoiled the infamously cryptic series finale during a leaked interview for The Sopranos Sessions, his book celebrating the Emmy-winning. 1 History 1.1 Biography 2 Legacy 3 Trivia Tracee was a young dancer who worked at the Bada Bing strip club. Her boss was Silvio Dante, the owner of the Bing, who extended credit to many of his dancers who wished to undergo breast augmentation. Silvio commented that Tracee had a nice body but poor teeth, and she'd run up a debt with Silvio for orthodontia to straighten her jagged teeth. Only.

But the Sopranos guys wouldn't want warring between the families, so I reached out to some of them to put an end to all of this infighting — to hold something of a virtual sit-down, if you will. But I didn't want to talk to just any cast members of The Sopranos.First of all, I'm legitimately afraid of Tony Sirico, so I wouldn't want to ask him James Gandolfini - Tony Soprano James Gandolfini played the larger-than-life mob boss Tony Soprano. In between crippling panic attacks and secret therapy sessions, Tony tried to run a criminal empire across New Jersey - usually with a cigar hanging out of his mouth and his faithful crew in tow Die Sopranos ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die vom Leben einer italo-amerikanischen Mafiafamilie in New Jersey handelt. Die Serie, die in den Jahren 1999 bis 2007 auf HBO zu sehen war, wurde unter anderem mit 21 Emmys und fünf Golden Globes ausgezeichnet. Die Writers Guild of America wählte Die Sopranos auf Platz 1 der 101 Best Written TV Series..

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Jon Bernthal (Giovanni 'Johnny Boy' Soprano It was the series that remade TV - scooping dozens of awards and making stars out of its cast along the way. The Sopranos first aired 20 years ago this January, before wrapping up 86 episodes and. 'The Sopranos' transformed television during its six-season run, becoming one of the greatest shows of all time — see the cast members no 'The Sopranos' won multiple honors during its run on HBO, including five Golden Globes, 21 Primetime Emmys, and even a Peabody Award. Before starring in the gangster series, many of the cast were unknown to the general public, but they became stars through their 'Sopranos' performances

The Sopranos: James Gandolfini, Tony Sirico, Steve Buscemi, Dominic Chianese, Federico Castelluccio, Steve Van Zandt, David Proval, Joe Pantoliano The Sopranos - Cast, Crew and Credits - TV.com Searc From the unique premise to an amazing cast and an intriguing story, The Sopranos is regarded as one of the best series to ever hit TV. Almost ten years after the series came to an end and after the loss of its biggest star James Gandolfini, check out how much the spectacular cast is worth now: 11. Drea de Matteo. Estimated Net Worth: $15 Million

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  1. Hailed as one of television's essential dramas, The Sopranos follows James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano: husband, father and mob boss whose professional and private strains land him in the office of his therapist. Created by David Chase
  2. In a nutshell, this is Sopranos meets Comic-Con. But SopranosCon is going to be much more than just vendors, pictures and autographs. Our event is an interactive, street festival themed fan experience, visually inspired by The Feast of St Elzéar, celebrating the series by showcasing Italian culture in New Jersey with food, drink, art, music, comedy, and some show-related businesses
  3. Gandolfini has been cast as the young Tony Soprano in the planned Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark. (Associated Press) If the Sopranos believe in anything, it's that.
  4. Michael Imperioli, who played prodigal mafia son Christopher Moltisanti, and Steve Schirripa, who played Tony Soprano's brother-in-law Bobby Baccalieri, are set to revisit the show that launched..
  5. Sopranos co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa host the definitive Sopranos re-watch podcast. Michael and Steve follow the Sopranos series episode by episode giving fans all the inside info, behind the scenes stories and little-known facts that could only come from someone on the inside
  6. RELATED: 'The Sopranos': Why David Chase Didn't Want to Bring Frank Vincent Aboard Until Season 5. On the Talking Sopranos podcast, Buscemi spoke about his path to playing Tony Blundetto in season 5. After directing Pine Barrens, Chase was still hesitant about asking Buscemi to join the cast of The Sopranos

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  1. ic Chianese (Uncle Junior) with Danny Bacher, and Alabama 3 (Capo tickets and up) 10:30pm - VIP After Party - Satin Dolls aka The Original Bada Bing! (requires additional ticket or Stugots.
  2. g Sopranos spin-off film, The Many Saints of Newark.. Variety reports that the roles of Bernthal (The Punisher.
  3. Barbara Giglione is a recurring character portrayed by Nicole Burdette from seasons 1-3 and Danielle De Vecchio in seasons 5 and 6. Barbara is the youngest child ofJohnnyandLivia Soprano, and sister of Tony and Janice Soprano. She is seen infrequently, usually only visiting her siblings for family functions, weddings or funerals. She lives inBrewster, New Yorkand has two children with her.

It also spawned a successful video game, merchandise and, most recently, podcasts hosted by cast members including Imperioli, Steve Schirripa and Drea de Matteo. A prequel movie titled The Many.. The Sopranos cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the The Sopranos main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below.You can various bits of trivia about these The Sopranos stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is It's been nine years since The Sopranos aired that controversial final episode and left everyone wondering about the fate of Tony and his family. In the nearly a decade since, some of the cast. The Sopranos cast consisted mainly of Italian-American actors. Some stars of the show, for instance, James Gandolfini, Steve Buscemi or Joe Pantoliano kept shining in Hollywood after the show ended. Others have chosen different careers that are not connected to acting and show business at all. The Sopranos cast after the sho Here is a look at 22 Cast Members of The Sopranos: Where are they now? 22 Tony Blundetto - Steve Buscemi. via:www.hbo.com. Tony Blundetto was Tony Soprano's cousin. Tony never had a brother and Tony B. was the closest he had to that. However, when they were younger Tony suffered a panic attack and was unable to join Tony B. on a hijacking

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  1. Actress Edie Falco was already an icon of the industry well before she was cast as Carmela Soprano on the show. However, The Sopranos was responsible for turning her into a household name in the field of acting, and she currently has over sixty acting credits to her name. After the show met its demise in 2007, Edie kept acting
  2. The post The Sopranos cast announce In Conversation tour appeared first on Consequence of Sound.. Several beloved cast members of The Sopranos are hitting the road. In 2020, actors Steve.
  3. The Sopranos was a massive hit for HBO and catapulted its stars to crazy heights of fame. Check out the secrets some of them tried to keep under wraps
  4. Now, among the Sopranos cast, the four actors the Reporter says want a bigger cut are Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow), Robert Iler (AJ), Drea de Matteo (Adriana), and Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts)
  5. g an FBI informant. Gervasi was promoted to caporegime of Jimmy Altieri's crew after Jimmy was murdered on suspicion of being an F.B.I. informant. He had the unique position of being in charge of obtaining grey-market goods from container ships docking at the Newark ports. These procurements.
  6. Aug 16, 2018 - Explore Hugo Helms's board Sopranos pics on Pinterest. See more ideas about sopranos, tony soprano, hbo

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Episode Info. Movie stars Jon Favreau, Sandra Bernhard, and Janeane Garofalo make cameo appearances as themselves in this episode of the hit HBO series that finds a Mafia wiseguy flirting with. The Sopranos is known, of course, for its dynamite cast and its innovative story-telling, but the show (which can be streamed on HBO Now) also had a pretty impressive roster of guest stars who. The Cast Of The Sopranos. The Sopranos ended back in 2007, having launched the careers of many of its cast. We find out where they are now. By Bernardo Sim Aug 20, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri) Instagram. Of all the Sopranos cast, Steve Schirripa really took a different turn. He is now a full-fledge author and promotes his Goomba lifestyle, by writing books such as The Goomba Diet: Large and Loving It. Other than that, he also launched recipes of organic vegan pasta sauces!I guess he took the fat jokes of Tony Soprano way too seriously

To celebrate The Sopranos' 20th Anniversary, castmembers like Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, and Michael Imperioli gathered and proved they still look very goo The Sopranos — the drama about families of mobsters in suburban Jersey — premiered on HBO 20 years ago this week. And with it, came new entries into the American lexicon Whether searching for a framed cast photo or an autographed magazine cover, HollywoodMemorabilia.com is your one stop shop for all authentic Sopranos memorabilia. Opt for a more unique twist of memorabilia with a James Gandolfini signed guitar or a David Chase signed script plot, a truly valuable asset to own The Sopranos Cast: Then And Now. By Adam White - May 14, 2018. ADVERTISEMENT. In 1999, the world was introduced to arguably the best TV show ever made .The series was a huge success, with the acting, writing, dialogue and cast holding us captivated with each episode that aired. Wonder where the brilliant actors are today

The Sopranos Movie Is Really Happening. And It Finally Has a Title and Release Date. And It Finally Has a Title and Release Date. Here's everything we know about the long-awaited prequel film Cast The Poet Hoffman Tenor NlCLAUS, his friend Soprano OLYMP1A, GlULIETTA.l the various ladies with whom Hoffman fallsANTONIA, STELLA, J in love Sopranos DaPFRTUTTO 1 k*s opponents. (These three roles are usually sung MlRACI F * [ Dv *be same artist) Baritone LUTHER, an innkeeper Bass SCHLEMIL, Giuliettas admirer Bass SPALANZANI, an apothecary Tenor COUNCIL What the cast of The Sopranos looks like today. Getty Images. By Phil Archbold / July 31, 2017 1:40 pm EST / Updated: July 31, 2017 4:29 pm EST

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'Sopranos' Cast And Creators Reunion: 5 Things We Learned Everyone from Edie Falco to Little Stevie and more gathered for a group interview at Woke Up This Morning, an event in New York. Jan. 9's 20th anniversary reunion of the cast and producers of HBO's The Sopranos was a raucous family gathering from its first moments. I saw a picture of myself in the newspaper. In fact, Chase admired the Trees Lounge cast so much he hired the same casting directors to work on The Sopranos. When Chase was looking for directors in season 1, he wanted Buscemi to come in. Due to scheduling problems, Buscemi couldn't, but it was worth the wait for all parties when he directed the classic Pine Barrens episode Frank is just the latest Sopranos star to have sadly passed away, with cast members Nancy Marchand, Sydney Pollack, Tom Aldredge and James Gandolfini having all died in the previous years P aulie Walnuts from 'The Sopranos' was one of the funniest characters in the show. His weird way of laughing and cheap jokes made him stand out from the rest of the crew. Being a part of 'The Sopranos' made him a household name, thanks to the show's insane popularity

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The Sopranos Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Tony organizes and runs the executive poker game, but must put the strong-arm on his old high school buddy when he loses big. Richie puts himself at odds with T.. Random Media is releasing the comedy-drama Sarah Q, which reunites five members of HBO's 'The Sopranos' cast, including Tony Sirico, Vincent Pastore, Academy Award-nominee Burt Young, and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland. The film, releasing on December 8 on all digital platforms, also stars Emmy James, Ashlee Macropoulos, Sarah Seeds, and Dominick LaRuffa The Sopranos Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Tony and Carmela quarrel after A.J. spends a wild night in the Big Apple. Tony is forced to make a decision about Feech when he continues to overstep his bounds.. Sopranos Grill is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking. Starting in 2011, we developed a unique dining experience for all of our guests using fresh and sustainable ingredients—taking you on a culinary journey like no other.From classic recipes to new-age kitchen adventures, each dish reflects our passion for high-quality food. On Tuesday night, the cast and creative team behind The Sopranos gathered in New York City to mark the 20th anniversary of the hit HBO series.Creator David Chase was among those in attendance, as.

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James Gandolfini's Son Michael Cast as Young Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark By Jackson Pacheco January 23, 2019 | 12:37pm Vera Farmiga and Jon Bernthal Join The Sopranos Prequel Cast By. The Sopranos prequel has a release date and a new name. Simply titled Newark, the film will hit theaters on Sept. 25, 2020, more than 13 years after the acclaimed HBO series came to an. Then: Another 'Goodfellas' cast member, Michael Imperioli played Christopher Moltisanti,Tony's nephew who constant struggled with drugs and alcohol.His character dreamed of being a Hollywood screenwriter, which is the exact path Imperioli took, directing and writing a few 'Sopranos' episodes himself The Sopranos, American television drama considered a masterpiece by critics and audiences alike. Created and written by David Chase, The Sopranos aired for six seasons (1999-2007) on Home Box Office and earned an international following as a result of its broadcasts abroad

Cast and crew. James Gandolfini; Lorraine Bracco; Edie Falco; Many of the most popular TV shows of the last decade wouldn't exist if it wasn't for The Sopranos. The hard-hitting crime drama series. 'The Sopranos' Cast Speak About James Gandolfini James, 51, starred in the show from 1999 to 2007 as mobster Tony Soprano, and he left quite an impression on his cast mates. The guy was. The Sopranos In the series premiere, after suffering a series of mysterious anxiety attacks, New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano agrees to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi. As he opens up to the doctor, Tony reveals details about his problems at home and at work that involve his wife Carmela, his kids Meadow and Anthony Jr., his Uncle Junior. A fter nearly 12 years of ambiguity surrounding the final scene of The Sopranos series finale, creator David Chase could have possibly shed light on Tony Soprano's ultimate fate.. In The. The Sopranos just celebrated the 20th anniversary of its launch and is widely regarded as one of the greatest drama series ever, running six seasons from 1999-2007 and winning 21 Primetime Emmy.

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The Sopranos, the commercially and critically acclaimed cable show, follows the life of Tony Soprano, the head of a crime organization in.. The cast and crew of The Sopranos poses in the pressroom after their win for Outstanding Drama Series during the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at... The cast of The Sopranos Cast members Steven R Schirripa JamieLynn Sigler Michael Imperioli Edie Falco and James Gandolfini arrive at the HBO Season Premiere Of The Sopranos..

The Sopranos won Outstanding Drama Series at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards for the second part of season six. Cast and characters Main cast. James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano (21 episodes) Lorraine Bracco as Jennifer Melfi (15 episodes) Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano (21 episodes) Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti (18 episodes) Dominic. The main cast members on The Sopranos are James Gadolfini who plays Tony Soprano, Edie Falco who plays Carmela Soprano, Dominic Chianese who plays Junior Soprano, Robert Iler who plays Anthony.. Next time you rewatch The Sopranos, it's worth taking a look at the credits. You might be surprised to see several cast members pulling double duty as both actor and writer or director on a few of. THE cast of The Sopranos is furious at Joe Gannascoli, who played gay gangster Vito Spatafore, for doing a series of glowing interviews about James Gandolfini - when in fact they were not close. The character he plays in the Sopranos is Junior Soprano. His name is Dominic Chianese. He is technically my ex-step grandpa since my dad and his daughter recently got divorced. I met him on multiple occasions when he came to visit from New York where he lives. I know that his childhood best friend is Al Pacino and they talk regularly

So, Who Was That Hottie on 'The Sopranos'? Tony Soprano's Fear and Loathing-style swing through Vegas on last night's episode introduced America to the character of Sonya Aragon. I was a latecomer to The Sopranos, David Chase's seminal HBO show largely credited with launching the Golden Age of prestige television. The story of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) and. The Sopranos is one of the most successful HBO series of all time. Six seasons and 86 episodes of the mafia series were produced between 1999 and 2007. The Sopranos Cast: Now & Then The series was awarded five Golden Globes and 21 Emmy Awards The Sopranos concluded its triumphant six-season run on HBO in 2007.This drama, centering on a family involved with organized crime in New Jersey, is considered by many to be among the greatest, if not the greatest, show of all time, and the cast's stellar performance is a big reason for that. RELATED: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast Of The Sopranos The Sopranos cast in Cop Land. I saw Cop Land a long time ago and liked it, but then watched the Soprano's several times, and decided to watch Cop Land again. I had no idea so many Soprano's actors were in that movie (which preceded the show). Janeane Garofalo (herself) plays a Deputy

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Many of the Talking Sopranos episodes will also feature interviews with other cast members, producers, writers, production crew and special guests, according to Deadline. Listeners will also be. The Sopranos stars James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. Edie Falco plays Tony's wife Carmela Soprano and and his distant cousin and protege Christopher Moltisanti is played by Michael Imperioli Sopranos Cast Reunites and Shares Favorite Memories with James Gandolfini: He Was 'Really Special' Key members of the iconic HBO drama's cast reunited for an interview on Today,. The cast of 'The Sopranos' on the cover of Rolling Stone. Mark Seliger O n the set of The Sopranos, nobody takes any notice of the noises. Perhaps when you're working on the finest TV show.

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Starring Michael Madsen, Debi Mazar, Benicio del Toro, Michael Rapaport, James Gandolfini and Philip Seymour Hoffman among others, it wasn't a financial success but was a star-studded cast for a. The Sopranos had launched the careers of many of its cast members. Much has happened to them after the popular television series ended in 2007, going on to star in more shows and movies NEW YORK - The son of James Gandolfini has been cast as the young Tony Soprano in the planned Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark. Michael Gandolfini will play a younger version of.

The Sopranos star James Gandolfini has a new movie: In the Loop, a brutally funny political satire now in theaters. Gandolfini isn't the only Soprano who has moved on to new things since the. The Sopranos originally aired in the US between 1999 and 2007, and was a multi-award-winning series (scooping 21 Primetime Emmy Awards alone). While it is frequently ranked as one of the greatest.

The 20th-anniversary celebration of HBO's landmark gangster drama was a lovefest for its late star James Gandolfini, who died in 2013. Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, Matthew Weiner, and. Defonte's has the widest array of Sopranos cast members photos on the wall that I've found so far. You have Michael Imperioli right below Dustin Hoffman, and Vincent Curatola (who played rival.

NBC's Harry Smith sits down with 13 cast members of The Sopranos to look back on the megahit HBO series 20 years after its debut, the legacy of James Gandolfini and how the show's. Sopranos star Michael Imperioli has revealed the cast's tradition every time someone got 'whacked' on the hit tv series. The HBO gangster drama ran between 1999 and 2007, gaining a massive cult following through its portrayal of the life of Tony Soprano, a New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster, and his family. Michael Imperioli, who won an Emmy for his portrayal of Christopher Moltisanti. The cast of seminal television series The Sopranos reunited to mark the show's 20th anniversary. D avid Chase's groundbreaking mafia drama first aired in the US on January 10 1999 and viewers. The surviving members of The Sopranos cast headed out on a UK theatre tour last year to celebrate 20 years of the show. Advertisement The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952

The Sopranos stars Drea De Matteo, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Vincent Pastore reunited during the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday. The actors presented the best pop award to Jonas Brothers during the. Organizers say more than 20 former cast members will be in attendance including Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts Gualtieri), Dominic Chianese (Corrado Junior Soprano), Vincent Pastore (Sal. The greatest tv show ever made. Starring an Italian-American cast with some cast and crew members actually having a history of being connected providing a story that follows the Soprano crime family as well as the Soprano home family. The dvds came reasonably quick and we have had no issues with playing them so far

Now, Chase has provided a little more insight into the movie. Speaking with Deadline, Chase confirmed that a young Tony Soprano will be part of the Sopranos prequel cast. The thing that. Watch our exclusive 47-minute interview with the cast of The Sopranos including Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, Michael Imperioli, Steven Van Zandt, John Ventimiglia and others as they reflect. The Sopranos is arguably one of the greatest TV shows ever to grace the small screen. The HBO crime-family drama, created by David Chase, aired from 1999 to 2007 and received 112 Emmy. The Sopranos Cast Funny Montage. The Sopranos - Time Immemorial. 113K views · Yesterday. 0:14. The tension is real waiting on the final ballot count. The Sopranos - Time Immemorial. 17K views · November 4. 0:12. The Sopranos Paulie Walnuts Dunkin Donuts. The Sopranos - Time Immemorial. 17K views · October 16. 14:58. Live from Tony Soprano.

Sopranos stars Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli pick their highlights from the classic TV mob drama. Among those joining in with the rewatching are former cast members Michael Imperioli. This page lists all Sopranos filing locations that are currently known. If you want to know more about a certain location, click the link to see the details of that location. Details include all images as seen in The Sopranos, sometimes a bit of background information, and (if the location is known) a link to the location in Google Maps and. The Many Saints of Newark, based on HBO's hit series The Sopranos, will serve as a prequel to the show and explore Tony Soprano's early years and rise to power Feb 17, 2019 - Explore Jah Selassie Ellis's board Sopranos cast on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sopranos, Sopranos cast, Tony soprano Give it up for New Jersey! On Aug. 26, the cast of The Sopranos reunited at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards to present the best pop award, and it felt like the '90s all over again.Jamie-Lynn.

The Sopranos cast pranked James Gandolfini with a fart machine on set. Lorraine Bracco - Dr Jennifer Melfi - recently shared the fond behind-the-scenes anecdot 'The Sopranos' 20th Anniversary: See Cast Then And Now (PHOTOS) - Across America, US - See photos of The Sopranos cast from then and now as HBO's classic TV series turns twenty years old in 2019

The head of the family may be gone, but his legacy is shining bright. Two decades after the premiere of HBO's The Sopranos, the cast reunited in New York to discuss the series widely considered. A documentary film on 'The Sopranos' will premiere next month. 'My Dinner With Alan: A Sopranos Session' will offer fans of the iconic TV series a unique insight into the show from critics and the cast. The documentary also features a rare interview with the programme's creator, David Chase Talking Sopranos also features interviews with additional cast members, producers, writers, production crew and special guests. Along with talking about the Sopranos, Michael and Steve will also share candid conversations about the entertainment business, their friendship and all the folks they've met along the way The Sopranos: Season 6, Part 1-The Sopranos, Season 6, Part 1 is the most contentious release yet in the acclaimed series' history. While many fans think it jumped the shark at the exact moment Vito said I love you, Johnny Cakes , this season also contains some of the series finest moments and plumbs new depths of character, while continuing.

The Cast of ‘The Sopranos’ Will Reunite For a NickelodeonThe Sopranos: Season 4 - Rotten TomatoesWhat the cast of The Sopranos looks like today'Sopranos' Cast And Creators Reunion: 5 Things We LearnedThe Sopranos: 10 Hidden Details About The Main CharactersWhy Losing 'Big Pussy' Really Hurt the Cast of 'TheThe Sopranos cast reunites for HBO series' 20thCalypso Yacht Charter, Boat Rental, The Sopranos Filming
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